Jun 17, 2022 • 35M

Maintaining friendships, seasons of creation, and finding hope and trust in a broken world


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EDIT 4:58PM June 17 EST : There were some listening glitches across platforms and the episode was not playable in the browser, Substack app, or showing up on Apple Podcasts : THIS HAS BEEN FIXED. Enjoy! XO Mar

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Yes Yes is a monthly advice column / mini podcast for paid subscribers of the Monday Monday newsletter. You are welcome to leave comments at the bottom and submit your anonymous questions for next month at the bottom. Enjoy listening above or reading below. You are welcome to share screenshots on social media. Below is the transcription <3

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Hello and welcome to Yes Yes, my monthly advice podcast for you paid subscribers of the Monday Monday newsletter. It is June here in Northern Michigan. It is so windy. I just closed the windows, if you will. Wow. Wind-OWS and wind. How have I never put that together? Alas it's Mar, it's Marlee Grace reporting live from Northport, Michigan, where I moved a few weeks ago. It's a beautiful day. I'm looking at the water. I'm looking at the wind. I'm hearing the wind. I'm currently sitting in Flexible Office, my gorgeous co-working group, which I'm getting intermittently kicked off of because of the instability of my internet, which perhaps is a blessing and a curse.

Thank you all so much for your beautiful questions yet again. Yes Yes, the questions today, we're gonna talk about friendship. How do I have so many friends? Is the direct question. We're gonna talk about herbs and we're gonna talk about mixed feelings. We're gonna talk a little bit about God, a little bit about how to accept the path yet, forge forward. If you're listening to this, I would love it if you shared it, take a screenshot, take a screenshot with the new gorgeous graphics made by Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo. They are stunning. We visioned them together. They made them. They're a genius. They're one of my favorite artists, a Center residency alumni of 2019, queer kin of this world. Thank you, Lukaza for yeah, taking the legacy of Monday Monday and the Yes Yes Podcast and weaving it into imagery. Feels beautiful.

For those of you who are founding members stay tuned for an email that includes me asking for your address so that I can send you some postcards that I am going to make with the lists that Lukaza and I made together. Okay. Let's dive into these questions. I'm really excited. If you're already sick of listening, you can always read the transcription. If you're reading the transcription and want to listen, you know how to do that. All right. Let's dive in -

🌼 QUESTION 1: Dear Marlee, how do you deal with these mixed feelings - on the one hand, learning to trust the universe, trust your pace and path, and trust that things will unfold as they need to, and on the other hand, constantly facing so much pain and backlash on a much larger scale (like racism! body regulation! shootings! and so on)? For me, it sometimes feels so strange to read the news and then go on with my day, journal, or do some good old self-reflection. I deeply believe in radical self-care and that the world would be a better place if EVERY human on planet earth practiced things like shadow work and self-forgiveness (and had access to therapy), but.... well. I don't want to sound like a "how can there be a God when so many bad things happen" kind of guy, but I feel like this is setting me back in my practice of trusting the universe. I mean, how am I supposed to trust the universe when there is so much room for white men with fragile egos, fear and anger within themselves. How can I, how can you, how can we maintain our trust, our hope?

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