Oct 14, 2022 • 33M

The shame of out-earning friends and inherited wealth, the frozen romance of a baby queer, and how to pivot in your small business

Yes Yes #13

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Photo by Chloe Sells

Hello and welcome to Yes Yes, it's me, Marlee Grace, and this is my monthly advice podcast for you, the paid subscribers of the Monday Monday newsletter. It is October here in northern Michigan, and it's gray, it's foggy, it's sort of dreary and dreamy and raining, and the leaves on the trees are indescribable. Or I guess just I'll describe it as like a postcard of Autumn. Really feels nice to be here in my 10th month since moving back to Michigan in January in the dead of winter. So it's my fourth season. I've done it. I've been through all four seasons being back, and I can't speak highly enough about the experience of seasons in this way, in the way of the Northeast. So I feel really grateful this morning and happy to be recording and sharing some really beautiful, beautiful questions today about friendship and queerness and small business, and I hope they may be of benefit to those of you who are listening.

And as you may or may not know, you can listen to this in the Apple Podcast's private feed of Yes Yes. That will also give you alerts when there's a new episode, which is maybe how you came here. You can also listen to it in your browser, and every month it is transcribed. So you can also read it, read along while you're listening, you can take screenshots of the transcription or listening the little square that says yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. The beautiful design by Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo. And you can take a screenshot of that, you can share on social media, tag @marleegrace, you can include it in your own newsletter, text it to a friend. I always appreciate and love to hear how the episodes are resonating. If you're my friend, text me. Tell me if you like the episode. If you're a reader, use the comments. They're always open at the bottom of the transcription here on substack.

I am just so appreciative of all of the paid subscribers. Or maybe you're listening with a seven day free trial and you're thinking about becoming a paid subscriber. It offers me just abundance and encouragement and excitement to get to wake up, to know that I get to send this to all of you today. So let's jump in.

So again, today, friendship, queerness, small business. I feel like those are sort of the three themes of Yes Yes, or Friendship Village, my advice and music radio show from Madrid, New Mexico, which I miss so much. I miss New Mexico and I miss the radio station. So thinking about that a little bit today, but let's jump in. Okay. Grab your coffee, grab your tea, your water, your dandy blend, your decaf, your latte, whatever you're drinking, your water, stay hydrated. I'm gonna take a sip and then let's get started.

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